A performance about chosen solitude, force and salt.

The project is based on the Finnish term sisu, meaning force, and examines how selected loneliness and force manifests itself in an individual’s relationship to the community. (Community understood in the sense by other people and society). SISU examines how these concepts are linked, and how they affect our experience and choice. Loneliness is often associated with something negative, but SISU focuses on the positive and constructive aspects of chosen loneliness and the need for time alone. SISU includes the mineral salt in these investigations. The body needs salt. Salt has the ability to bind water in the body, while also secreting it, through sweat and tears. This process of tightening and repulsion can be related to the individual and relationship to others – in the tension between the need for community and need to be for ourselves.


Production: Molitrix Scenekunst/
Idea and concept:
Linda Birkedal
Development of concept/ performers: Linda Birkedal, John Derek Bishop
Choreography/movement: Linda Birkedal
John Derek Bishop
Artistic dialogue: Kenneth Varpe
Scenography and costume:
Molitrix Scenekunst
Photo/video: Inge Schreuder-Lindløv
Supported by: Kulturrådet, Fond for lyd og bilde, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Rogaland Fylkeskommune, Sandnes kommune, Stavanger kommune, Tou Scene, RAS, UiS /IMD.
Co-produced by Tou Scene.

18th of august 18.00 h. at RAS/Sandnes kunst og kulturhus.
23th and 24th of november at 18.00 h. and 20.00 h. at Tou Scene.

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