PRE-SISU/ Seminarium#6
Saturday 4th of june 2016 10.30-
Regional arena for samtidskunst (RAS)

Molitrix Scenekunst was invited to take part in Seminarium#6.
MoS talked about how the consept solitude and beeing alone in rellation to others are connected to feelings and movement, and how this is linked to the works of MoS, and the production SISU.


Production: Molitrix Scenekunst/
Idea and concept:
Linda Birkedal
Development of concept/ performers: Linda Birkedal, John Derek Bishop
Choreography/movement: Linda Birkedal
John Derek Bishop
Scenography and costume:
Molitrix Scenekunst
Artistic dialogue: Kenneth Varpe
Supported by: Tou Scene, RAS, UiS/IMD.