Kinitiras Choreography Lab. Athen.


Linda Brikedal/ Molitrix Scenekunst (Norway)  — 10th-11th July 2014

In Between Threads

Linda’s sessions will concentrate on choreographic tasks relating to a new production she is currently developing with her company Molitrix. In between relates to what is between, not on the edge or on the border, but between. It also relates to what is not yet finished, on the way, in process. Threads are the mental connections between one body and the environment, or between many bodies. We will work together as a group, and on an individual basis. The aim of these days is to have a small sample of Linda’s work and method of working connected to her view of life, and to give tools for the participants’ own work for further development. Linda is also interested in the idea of threads related to computing and in the similar word tread that is used in relation to pattern. At the moment Linda is investigating patterns, systems and mathematics connected to rituals.