Making Sense

Making Sense is a project that investigate force as a staring point. What is motivating us and make a staring point? What consequence does it have and for whom? In the project we investigate how movement, sound and light influence each other through sensors like contact mic, webcamera and mobile phones.  Making Sense is pointing towards what gives meaning and is logical in relation to the use of digital technology in every day life.

Making Sense was shown at RAS/Sandnes Kulturhus  2nd of may 2018 at 20.00.

Short video:


Idea and production: Molitrix Scenekunst
Chor./performer: Linda Birkedal
Musician/performer: John Derek Bishop
Dancer/peformer: Isabell Bartnes Johansen, Victoria Jane Harley
Visuall programming/teck: Servando Barreiro/Linda Birkedal
Light: Linda Birkedal
Costume: Linda Birkedal
Artistic collaborator: Kenneth Varpe
Photo: Elin Osjord og Minna Suojoki

Making Sense is supported by Rogaland Fylkeskommune, RAS and DansiS.