Molitrix Scenekunst (MoS) is a company producing contemporary performance, working with electronic music, visual art, text/voice and film. The company has produced several critically well-received performaces consisting of various length and character for indoor and outdoor. MoS main aim is to produce and tour works of high quality. The productions aim to contribute to the Norwegian and international performance art scene.

Linda Birkedal is trained at Trinity-Laban in London, University in Copenhagen, University in Stavanger and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. After working in London and Copenhagen for several years as a dancer and choreographer, she established Molitrix Scenekunst in 1999 with Stavanger as a base.

Works has been presented at several stages and festivals like Tou Scene in Stavanger, RAS/Sandnes kulturhus in Sandnes, BIT Teatergarasjen (Meteor/Oktoberdans) in Bergen, Dance House in Oslo, Dansearena Nord in Hammerfest, DansiT in Trondheim, Agder Theater in Kristiansand, Consert House in Stavanger, Dansescenen/Dansehallene in Copenhagen and Dansestasjonen in Malmø.

Molitrix Scenekunst produces independent productions and commission-based works. The company are giving classes and workshops.

Molitrix Scenekunst is supported by Kulturrådet, Stavanger kommune, Sandnes kommune, Rogaland Fylkeskommune, Fond for utøvende kunstnere and Fond for lyd og bilde.

Activity 2018:
Distant Voices at Minimalen Short film festival in Trondheim, jan.
-Residency at DansiS working on Making Sense, march.
-Residency at RAS and DansiS working on Making Sense, april.
-Showing of Making Sense at RAS, may.
Distant Voices at Tou Scene in coll. with RAS, april.
Nattsvermere at CODA fest in Oslo, may.
-International Residency at BIRCA/Bornholm , august-sept.
-Showing of This is personal. Rearrange. BIRCA/Bornholm, sept.






Collaborative artists:

Kenneth Varpe, Visual artist
John Derek Bishop, musician/composer
Line Horneland, musician/composer
Kjetil B. Aabø, musician/composer
Gunnar Innvær, musician/composer
Tanja Orning, musician/composer
Tobias Leira, light designer
Joakim Foldøy, light designer
Servando Barreiro, programmer/media/pure data
Nina Wollny, dancer
Isabell Bartnes Johansen, dancer
Victoria Jane Harley, dancer
Marie Ronold Mathisen, dancer
Hedda Rivrud, dancer
Tony Tran, dancer
Benedikte Onarheim, dancer
Quyen Nguyen, dancer
Maria Hannevold, dancer
Eirik Folkedal, dancer
Erik Mckenzie, dancer
Åse Marie Eide Rannestad, dancer
Lene Stenseth, dancer
Ida Rue Timmermann, dancer
Shi Pratt, dancer
Mari Flønes, dancer
Marit Sandsmark, dancer
Julie D. Ekornes, dancer
Loan TP Hoang, dancer
Mia Koch, costume designer
Bodil B. Schultz, costume designer
Kine Økland, costume designer
Elin Osjord, photo- and filmdirector

Petter Misje,
Mats Lande,  webdesigner
Ingunn Sira Myhre,  art.comm.
Grethe Bekkevold,  art.comm.
Minna Anneli Suojoki,  photographer
Inge Schreuder-lindløv,  photographer
Fanny Holmin,  writer
Geir Lindahl,  producer